Gin Garden Create your garden 

Gin Garden

Create a beautiful garden in a bottle from a special occasion.

How it works

  • Enjoy a night out (or in!) with your friends and your favourite tipple. (We think tipple which comes in a short, fat, gin bottle with high "shoulders" is best!)

  • Deliver your bottle (Claygate, Surrey) to the Gin Garden who will fill it with a miniture garden.

  • Pick up your bottled Gin Garden and keep it in your home, to "spark joy" whenever you look at it, reminding you of your fun night with friends, and congratulate yourself on upcycling an empty bottle!


Supply your own bottle which we will plant up for £15, if you need a bottle, we can supply one for an additional £20.

Add these beautiful led lights to your bottle to showcase your Gin Garden (extra £5).

Gin bottles work well, but larger bottles work well too. If yours is much bigger than an regular 500ml bottle, get in touch to discuss pricing.


  • Can I use a coloured bottle? Clear bottles tend to be best at showing off the best of the plants in the bottle.

  • Where shall I keep my Gin Garden at home? Keep your Gin Garden away from bright light. 

  • How often do I need to water my Gin Garden? You won't need to water your Gin Garden much at all - monitor the moisture in the bottle by removing the lid every now and then. Otherwise, 5ml every couple of months should be ok.

  • Can you deliver to me? Gin Gardens can be collected (free) or delivered (£5) within the KT10 area. They can not be delivered through conventional mail or couriers (for obvious reasons!).

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